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My name is Dr. Keri Miller and I have my doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences, I am a licensed esthetician, public speaker, published author, Reiki Master Teacher, and the creator of the intensive self-development courses: “Creating Your Life Vibrationally.”

As a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, success strategist, and mindset coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, I am here to help you align with your highest and best life in the fastest, most effective way possible.

I am here to help you clarify your focus on what you want, release your deepest limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, and step into your power as the creator of the most miraculous life you could ever imagine.

As your online Spiritual Prosperity Coach, I can help guide you into creating your reality that is FULL of Love, Magic, and Miracles.


I can teach you the skills you need to follow your true heart’s desires, unlock your full potential,

and allow yourself to live your highest and best life effortlessly.


It is my mission to provide a comfortable, safe, and serene haven to empower heart-centered women who are interested in learning more about their vibrational health, spiritual self-development, and their own powers of self-healing to align with their highest and best selves for Optimum Health, an Abundance of Wealth, and True Happiness, to enhance the vibrations of this beloved world with their unique God-given gifts.

Whether you are here to take one of my life changing courses, seek 1:1 coaching, or simply get inspired by my personal blogs, and shop for some fun Zen trinkets, I hope you will always leave my website feeling inspirationally uplifted.

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Vibrational Life

This is a vibrational universe and we create the experiences of our life through the vibrations we emit. Therefore by aligning our vibrations with the natural flow of life, we can have Optimum Health, an Abundance of Wealth, and True Happiness, effortlessly.

It all comes down to accepting your whole self; who you are, all that you are, and using the contrasts to create a life you want.

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