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As my next guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, you may be a member at one of her daily destination holistic resorts, or have read one of her best-selling books, blogs, or tweets.  With more followers than Kim Kardashian, Keri Miller has escalated to the top of our hearts with her visions of bliss and optimal health for all!  She credits her 2015 MKMMA class for helping her to focus her mind on building confidence and uses ‘Total Health and Well-being’ as her focus for the Law of Attraction to bring her a life of tranquil luxury.  “I always had wonderful ideas, and during my MKMMA course I found the confidence to act on those impulses to realize my dharma and make my dreams come true”.

As a shining example of following her bliss and doing what she loves to do, Keri took control of her life’s direction and went from an HR assistant to the President and CEO of a multi-million dollar enterprise in just a few short years. She explains that it all happened for her when she understood she was the only one who could make it happen for herself and it was time for her to get her confidence and obliterate her fears.  It started with her MKMMA blog were she found her voice, she then went on to write her first book on optimal health and the law of attraction which spent 40 weeks on the New York Time’s and Amazon’s Best Selling Book lists.

Our meeting took place at her 5-million dollar castle home in Scotland that she and her husband retrofitted and brought back to life the elegance and opulence of a mid-century royal castle and made it eco-friendly, modern, luxurious, and comfortable.  Under cashmere blankets, she bought from the local farmer, we snuggled next to a warm crackling fire place, sipping on my Oprah Chai tea lattes.  The warming glow from flickering candles and the sweet vanilla spice from our hot mugs envelope our hearts as we watch the snow cascade down outside through the huge frameless windows landing on the ice-capped waves of the ocean just outside.

As Keri lovingly details her story, you can see her svelte physique wrapped in her own line of organic yoga wear and her long luscious hair perfectly frames her features while her eyes shine with excitement and her smile illuminates the room even more than the sun’s bright reflection off the icy snow outside. Her spirit beams with a prideful glow and her delightful energy is irresistibly infectious – you can’t help but to feel yourself coming alive when you’re with her.

She and her beloved adoring husband explore the world documenting their rendezvouses  with other people who are examples of total well-being and are following their bliss. Her message is that optimal health is our natural state of being and getting into the flow of a joyful life will allow radiant health effortlessly; and when you look at her, in harmony, balanced, and in love with the world, you can see that she is a luminous illustration of her principles.  She likes to describe the feeling her life as “twirly” – that elated feeling of freedom of eternal youth, spinning in circles in bare feet on dewy grass, frolicking with butterflies during the day and chasing fireflies at night.

With Esther Hicks, Deepak Chopra, and Louise L. Hay as her major influences and now her friends, Keri shares that once she started believing in herself, life began to flow from her and to her easily and effortlessly.  She truly seems to have found the fountain of youth, but as she will tell you with a twinkle in her eye and that glorious smile, the fountain is inside each of us and we just need to open our hearts, focus on feeling good, and allow the universe flow through us.

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