MKMMA Week 18: Breaking Glass Ceilings

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So, I have embraced my HULK self and my Superman self from last week’s discovery and I’ve been having fun with them.

This week I’ve discovered and broke through another one of the imaginary limitations I had set up for myself.  I had a Wal-Mart mentality.  Turns out, there are more options out there than just Wal-Mart.  Who knew, right? HULK SMASH!

In an interview with Paris Hilton a few years back, she was asked if she shopped at Wal-Mart.  “What’s Wal-Mart, do they like make walls there or something?” She and her answer were of course ripped apart and criticized for being daft and out of touch with reality.  Now, I don’t know Paris, but if her answer was genuine, it doesn’t show how dumb she is – it shows how she’s on a completely different level than most of us.  It also proves that there are different prospectives and levels out there – as in, Wal-Mart was nowhere near being on her radar level.

So this week we were to ask ourselves: “What would the person I intend to become do next?” I get why that’s a great question. We have to teach ourselves to live on that next level, and see through the eyes of that person we want to be.  To think and be how we intend to be so we can change who we are into the person we want to be.  And when you ask yourself “What would the person I intend to become do next?” sometimes the answer is simpler then we expect it to be.  When something is the next logical step, it doesn’t take a lot of strength or will power to take it. If you feel there is angst or a lot of effort, the answer is clear; you’re not quite ready to take that step.  Or maybe that step is too big.  Try taking a smaller step, then another smaller one – 3 small steps can equal 1 large one and those 3 were easy rather than a struggle.

The important part is to realize and celebrate the small steps just as much as the big steps.  Another glass ceiling over my head- I always look at the end-end goal and forget about all the accomplished goals to get there.  As in my Ph.D. that I’m working towards; I forget that I did earn my bachelors and master’s degrees already.  And that’s pretty cool!  But I tell myself – I haven’t got the Ph.D. yet, the race isn’t over yet; blah, blah, blah.  I need to acknowledge what I have already done.  Ph.D. is the end-end goal but I have taken many, many, small steps and achieved other goals to get me this close to it.  And somehow we’ve shammed giving accolades. It’s not P.C. to congratulate yourself on reaching and attaining your goals.  Or is that just another glass ceiling I’ve built overhead? Let’s get rid of that one too! There is a difference between being a boastful jerk and being happy for yourself. HULK SMASH!

I can see how our little accomplishment cards are helping to reprogram ourselves.  I need to celebrate my successes, no matter the size.  Because if you don’t, then you’re just teaching yourself it doesn’t matter-you don’t matter.  HULK SMASH!

This class uses the monkey and the banana in the jar example of us keeping ourselves from who we really are and what we want.  Abraham-Hicks’s example is that we are all corks and if we just let go of whatever is dragging us down, we’ll easily bob back up to the surface. (And the typical thing we’ve been taught to do is analyze what’s holding us down.  Let’s go to therapy to talk about it over and over.  “Let’s go deeper back into your childhood and really focus intently on your problems.”  And so then, what’s the focus? Problems!)  Now we have a ‘War on Drugs’ = focus: drugs.  We have a ‘War on Terrorism’ = focus: terrorism.  Mother Theresa said “I will never go to your war rally, but I will go to your peace rally.”

Just like Trish’s realization – “instead of helping people with depression, I’m teaching happiness.” She shifted her focus from depression to happiness!  BOOM – banana dropped! Cork bobbing on the surface (and floating gently down the stream. Merrily merrily merrily; Life is but a dream!)

We all have the life we are allowing ourselves to have.

We have the love life we are allowing.

We have the careers we are allowing.

We have the money we are allowing.

Abraham-Hicks says that we’re all supposed to have private jets and mansions; deep, meaningful, and loving relationships; all the money we can spend; wonderful fulfilling careers; everything; whatever we desire; we are supposed to have all the best (it is God’s promise to us: ‘Ask and ye shall receive’).

Maybe it’s not so much “what would the person I intend to become do next; it’s “I am the person I intend to become, what shall I do next to allow myself more fully?”

Here’s something that came to me during a sit:

“There are no keys; because there is no door.

There are no windows; because there are no walls.

You can’t not be in the kingdom of heaven.

You just have to know you’re already there.”


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