MKMMA Week 21 – And the Walls Come Tumbling Down

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This has been a fun and amazing week!  I have realized that my feelings of unworthiness, which have debilitated me most of my life, have stemmed from me trying to ‘live someone else’s life.’  And as I look back (as the observer) that makes no sense – LOL!  But I had put the cart before the horse and I had been living within the confines of other people’s limitations.  I have big dreams and big goals and a fabulously fun life of travel and adventure ahead of me; and now I am embracing IT and ALL of me!

I feel elated and twirly.  I feel creative and fun.  I feel connected and joyous.  I feel like I have just strapped into the roller coaster seat and I’m no longer just standing in line.  The butterflies of anticipation are fluttering rampant in my belly and we’re just about ready to take off.  Here we go - lets enjoy the ride!

I always had a five year plan, but it stayed at 5 years even though 10 years have passed.   But now, my horse is pulling the cart, I’m all hitched up, and I’m heading the right direction.  I still have my 5 year plan, and now it includes focusing on my PPN’s, which are Spiritual Growth and True Health, and the baby steps necessary to get there.  More importantly, I know that I’m in alignment with my highest and best self, I am focused on feeling good, and I know that I am worthy of the life I desire.

By working on smashing through my abundance blocks I feel like the flood gates have been opened.  I feel the abundance rushing in.  It feels like a domino effect, but even bigger than that – it feels like a tidal wave has just washed away stone block walls that kept me bound.  I feel more open and connected. And it’s not just me – hubby is feeling it too!  And we feel even more in-sync (didn’t think that was possible) and even more in-love (really didn’t think that was possible!) and more open and more receptive!  We are having fun creating our space, planning vacations, and preparing for our move to Scotland!

And I may not reach my goals in 5 years, or ever, but at least I’m going to stay true to all of me, dream as big as I can, and enjoy every step of the way, living a life of "Tranquil Luxury" with my beloved husband by my side, doing what we love!

I am living my highest and best life.  I wonder how far I can go.  I am unlimited.

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