MKMMA Week 22A – Reflecting in the Moment

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Letting myself be "all that I am" means embracing all that I am.  We all have light and dark in us; we all have good and bad.  Knowing yourself is knowing when to let the badass out to play and when to let your soft light shine.

This human experience is like being in the trenches – it’s dirty, it’s gritty, and stinky – and sometimes you need to be a little hard to get through whatever obstacles get in your way.  But you can’t always be hard, for then your life will be hard.  You can’t always be soft otherwise you could get trampled and walked over.

Being in alignment with your highest and best self doesn’t mean always being nice.  Most of us are living regular lives: going to work, sitting in traffic, doing dishes. We all think that the grass will be greener “once we get: the job; the girl; the money; the body.”  But in the meantime, life is happening.

Life is constantly moving, changing, adjusting.  Are we?  Am I moving with the current or am I a rock in the stream holding onto something I think will make me happy – an idea that’s not mine; an image of someone else’s vision?  Whose life am I living?  How did I get here?

More importantly – the question to ask yourself now is – “How can I get to where I want to go?”  No one can hold you where you don’t want to be; you are there because you’re holding yourself there.  You have to be the one who lets go.  The stream will take you where you want to be, but you have to allow it and yourself flow.

You won’t be the same person you are now.  You have to let that person go.  You have to know who you want to be and where you want to go. The stream will take you wherever you tell it.  It’s best to let your heart decide; it knows the way.  It knows what you hold deep in your soul.  The treasured secret you hold is the key to your success; it’s the key to your enlightenment.  You need to be brave, you need to be strong, but you also need to be loving and tender.  You need your feminine and masculine; you need your light and your dark side.

When you embrace all facets of your persona you will realize that you have no end; no edges; no limitations.  A being beyond anything you can fathom.  Creation is your gift; it is your talent.  You can move mountains.  Feel the power in the faith of a mustard seed.  See time in a grain of sand.  Joy and joyousness are the key factors; take joy in everything you do.  Feel proud of your accomplishments.  Take pride in your work.  Enjoy every day.  Develop your connection to your source.  You can do no wrong.

It’s about experiencing tactile life:  Blessing all you do.  Loving all you can.  Finding things that you like to do.  Sharing in the sacred space of life.  Being moved to tears.  Filling up with peace, love, and joy.  Knowing that you are worthy – knowing that your desires are yours to have and you deserve all the best things in life.  Having fun with all this.  Playing in the journey. Delighting in the stream.

Finding peace, love, and joy:

Peace – knowing that all is good and being taking care of.  Knowing you are protected by Divine Love.  Knowing you can be, do, and have all that you want.  Knowing that you are supported, guided, and carried.  Knowing that you are never alone and you shall not want for anything.

Love – blessed be the children of the most high God.  All are but pieces of the One.  Everything is connected.  Everything is “All that is” and “All that is” is everything and everyone.  Blessed be the neighbor, brother, sister, mother, father, and friend.  Blessed be the man in the moon and the stranger on the street.  Blessed be all that share in this time space and walk beside you.  Blessed are the critters, the leaves, the air, and atoms.  Blessed are the particles of light that hold it all together and permeate throughout. Blessed be the breath we take and the air that fills our lungs.  Blessed be the life we take in and the things we breathe life into.

Joy – joy is knowing that this is fun.  Having fun playing with the butterflies.  Having fun frolicking in the oceans, lakes, and streams.  Having fun delighting in the sun’s warmth and staring at the twinkling stars.  Let joy fill your heart with laughter and know that everything is for fun – for the sheer pleasure of the experience.  For the wonderment.  Be the observer and delightfully watch the grace of existence.  Watch the ebb and flow.  Watch the bees do their job to make fields flowers for us to behold.  Why else would there be flowers – they are there for our pleasure – to witness, to smell, to lose ourselves in.  Take joy in noticing the beauty that surrounds you – in the swirl of the galaxy; in the swirl of a sunflower; in the swirl of an ice cream cone.

This moment is all we have. It is our gift from our Creator – it is our present.

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