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MKMMA brought us so much wonderful information and it was up to us to do the work on ourselves. What I discovered for myself after these six-months is:

That I have great ideas and now I have the confidence to act on those ideas.  My whole life I was always afraid and now it's A-MAZ-ING: I do not have that fear anymore!

I also discovered HOW to create my life and the magic formula is: persistence and practice, persistently practicing, and practice persistently. 

Professional athletes still practice persistently every day to be at their best.  Professional dancers are persistently practicing to get those movements down perfectly.  We need to persistently practice tuning into ourselves and finding our bliss.  We have to practice ‘happiness’ persistently and allow the universe to work through us.  You practice being in the best receptive mode you can be and persistently know life is unfolding perfectly.

We have to find our happiness in who we are now and where we are now, because dreams will come and go, and goals will be reached, but it’s never over.  If your happiness is based on:  the deal closing, the better job, or getting the bigger house; when you reach those things there will always be: a bigger deal, a better job, and a bigger house.  That’s not to say, don’t go after those – they are the trophies to collect as your rewards, but don’t make it about the trophies; its all about the journey and feeling good is the work.

Know that we are not in a race or competition with one another.  I can’t compare myself to anyone because I am not them; my experiences are my alone, as yours are yours.  We are all brothers and sisters; we are not each other’s clones.  But just because we are on individual paths, it doesn’t mean we are alone.  We are all in this together; and when we rescue ourselves, we rescue many.  When we find our joy, we lift the hearts of many.  When we reach our dreams, we inspire others to reach theirs.

Be the observer of yourself and watch yourself learn. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day we are creating our very existence.  If you want more – persistently practice giving more. You want more kindness in your life – practice being more kind.  You want more joy in your life – practice laughing at yourself more.

Celebrate your successes and your failures, because everything is experience to behold.  Allow yourself to do the things you love.  It may take time to get from where you are to where you want to be, but every inkling in the direction of your dreams counts.  Every time you listen to your heart, you develop the interconnection with yourself.  Every time you look for the silver lining, more silver linings will come.  Every moment of bliss you feel will bring more feelings of bliss.

One of the last lessons I ‘got’ from class is based on what Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  And what I realized is: it’s the same belief; just two sides of the same coin.  It takes the same amount of energy to believe nothing is a miracle as it does to believe everything in the miracle.  Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are right."  It’s the same belief to think you can’t do something as to think that you can.  You just have to choose heads or tails. Which side do you want to bet on?

I choose to bet on myself.  I choose to believe I am a miracle. I choose to know I am in alignment with the joyful life. I persistently practice to bask in the deliciousness of this moment. I am allowing myself to breathe deeply. I am allowing myself to feel light.   I allow myself to delight in beautiful melodies. I take time to appreciate the dawn. I take time to practice feeling twirly.   I hold my own keys to my happiness.  I live in the natural flow of life.  I know that everything is as it should be.  I know everything is always working out for me.


Life is in the laughter.
Growth is in the pain.
Joy is in each moment.
Hope is dancing in the rain.
Harmony is in the silence.
Love is in the eyes.
Following your heart is happiness.
Fulfillment is being the miracle of our own lives.
~Keri Miller~
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