MKMMA Week 10 – One Man’s Dream

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“Just image if you were standing right here over 60 years ago, you’d be standing in the middle of an orange grove. One visionary man stood right where you are now but instead of orange trees, he envisioned a magic kingdom. This man’s name was Walt Disney and his dream would be called Disneyland.”



Mr. Walt Disney understood the Master Keys secret.  Can you imagine the explaining he had to do – “You wanna build what?!”

During the Thanksgiving holiday, as per our tradition, my husband and I flew from Texas to California for a day of joy and wonderment.  As I eagerly paid my $100 dollars for adult admission, I couldn’t wait to walk (skip) down Main Street and make my way to my favorite beloved magical lands.  At Disneyland you can be a princess, a knight, a pirate, and everything in between no matter your age.

Right at the edge of twilight, cue the music and lights and start the Disneyland Forever fireworks show!  OOOO!! AAhhhh!!

Imagine how many lives have been touched, changed, enriched, and otherwise altered because of one man’s dream and his ability to see it to fruition - Truly inspiring; Truly magical.

I will not let my old blue print win.

Today I am a new man with a new life!

I greet this day with love in my heart!

I will persist until I succeed. I will persist until I succeed. I will persist until I succeed.

I will persist! I will win!


What do you think Walt’s PPNs were?  Let me know in the comments below:

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