MKMMA Week 15 – 13 Week Total Life Makeover

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As December 2015 came and went, so did my first goal date.  I told myself to focus on how close I came to my goal of that date, and how far I came to get to how close I got.  I focused on the positive instead of beating myself up about it.  I posted this comment in our Alliance DMP Group, and saw several other people going through the same thing.

Then the wonderful Mr. Mark J responded with:

“and….look at it, the goal date, look at the goal…ask yourself "did I have a plan for this? Did I execute the plan? Was the plan faulty? Did I wish this goal or work with every fiber of my being for this goal? Do I really want this? Was the time line unrealistic?” The answer is always questions….DO NOT WALK AWAY from this experience with this goal without gleaning insight and lessons…..above all NO JUDGEMENT :-) …. learn, don’t judge…”

And I realize now that ‘no’, I didn’t have an actual plan laid out for this goal/date. I had ideas, hopes, and DMPs, but I didn’t make a plan of action.

You didn’t tell me I had to have a plan, Mr. Mark J! You told me to add stuff weekly to my cards! I have been diligently doing my readings, completing my service cards, and adding to my DMP cards!

Alright, FINE! I’ll admit that MAYBE you did tell me to make a plan.  In fact, MAYBE you’ve been telling/showing/helping us make plans and how to execute them step by step for the past 14 weeks.

Ok, fine – I’ll admit that MAYBE I might be a little more stubborn than I thought I was and MAYBE I get it now.

Actually – I will TOTALLY ADMIT that I’m super excited that I get it now, which couldn’t have come at a better time because this week we started our 13 week Total Life Makeover!! 

Now I have carefully and deliberately written out a plan for each of my 4 color goals and I have shown myself how they all link together for the total big picture. I have written down the steps to take for each one that I will add to my DMP cards every week.  I have set end results for what I want to have accomplished and completed by the end of this 13 Week Total Life Makeover; which also marks the end of this wonderful, magnificent, annoying, terrifying, liberating, 26 week MKMMA course.  I'm already sad that it's going to be over - but I am grateful for everything that I am instituting.

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