MKMMA Week 16 – Fake it til we make it?

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Fake it til you make it - I never liked this saying because being “fake” had a negative meaning to me.  Fake meant: phony; pretending to be something you’re not; lying; being plastic; and/or fraud.  Another similar saying was “dress for the job you want not the job you have.” Well, I want to be a billionaire working from my yacht, so am I supposed to wear bikinis to work every day?  Ya, I get it. I mean, yes, I understood the intention of the sayings.  But then I ended up saying to myself – “who do you think you are trying to be something you’re not?”

I felt like a fraud.  In a way I’ve always felt like I had a secret double life – the one I was living and the one I felt like I was SUPPOSED to be living.  I was so happy and excited when I got my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Metaphysical Sciences so I could start my real life, but then I felt like I couldn’t share them with anyone.  I had to make sure “Sciences” was part of the degrees because I thought people would think I was too Woo-Woo.  I was afraid they would think I was airy-fairy if I told them about the Law of Attraction. I even feel like I have to hide MKMMA from my day job as I struggle to figure out how to start living MY REAL life that I love.

All the sayings out there go “you’re the only one holding yourself back.”  I kept trying to figure out what was holding me back from living the life I wanted.  I’m holding onto excess weight. I’m holding on to my old blue print. I’m holding my Real Life, the life I want, away from me. This isn’t who I really am!

But of course what was I doing – Law of Growth- I’ve just been keeping myself in a holding pattern.  I’ve been holding myself back by focusing on trying to figure out what's holding me back.   I realize now the harder I try to make something happen, the more I’m just holding myself off from the universe and it's infinite possibilities.

During this ‘13 Week Makeover’ and looking characteristics around us, knowing that we couldn’t see them in others if we didn’t have it already them ourselves, is inspiring!  Who do I want to be? You can develop yourself just by looking for the attributes you desire in others and everything surrounds you.  What amazing power this is!  Here we are – this is Scientific! And it’s probably also Woo-Woo too - but it’s definitely phenomenal!

Mark J telling us to give ourselves “Permission” this week was also wonderful and probably what I needed to hear.  It’s a reminder that it’s ok to go for it.

My new focus is = “I wonder how far I can go?”  Ahhhh, I can feel my heart open just by saying that.  I wonder how far I can go?!  That sets no limits one way or the other.  That has no pressure or expectations. That just gives me permission to just open my mind and heart to the universe. It’s so freeing!

I can see my future self now! And that means it has already happened, so I just get to sit back and watch it miraculously unfold and see how far I can go.  Now I understand, we are not “Faking it”. That person or job that we want, that is who we REALLY ARE and real “fake” is not living our full potential! I will allow it more and it will consume the whole of me.

I give myself permission to come out of the closet as a woo-woo airy fairy believer in the laws of the universe!

I give myself permission to be in Einstein’s group that believes everything is a miracle!

I give myself permission to believe in myself.

I give myself permission to live a life that I love and do what I love!

I give myself permission to see how far I can go.

I give myself permission to be all that I can BE.

You don’t have to “fake it” – BE it and it will COME and then you BECOME IT!

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