MKMMA Week 17 – Persistence = Be a Winner at the Game of Life!

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This week my focus was on Persistence and I have found myself being more persistent by incorporating more of the readings/services/etc. into a normal routine.

What I also have noticed is how LITERAL this Law of Growth/Law of Attraction is!

For example, the past couple weeks, I’ve been struggling with how to deal with my current job.  I’ve been seriously thinking about asking for a raise. And I have found myself struggling and feeling so serious about everything else.   I have felt down and depressed.

Then I remembered – the Law of Substitution: we cannot think about 2 things at the same time.  If a negative thought enters your mind try to think of God or other pleasant thought.  Abraham-Hicks says you have 2 ways of looking at everything: you can look at in a way that pleases you or you can look at it in a way that displeases you.  Meaning you can look at something and be hopeful or you can look at something and be upset.

So I decided I needed to figure out ways to have more fun, and I thought of coloring – cheap, easy, and quick. So I went to the dollar store to buy a little coloring book. Now guess what the universe keeps bringing to me – I learned one of my co-workers loves to color! Michael’s craft store is advertising adult coloring books on sale this week!  I was trying to google something and ‘downloadable color pages’ popped up! Law of Growth in action!

So along with the other list of characteristics we’re looking for, I’m going to look for FUN! I’m going to look for EXCITEMENT! I’m going to look for ENTHUSIAM! Don’t get mad at yourself for missing a reading – make it a game:  How many readings did I do this week, how many more can I do next week?   We need to make sure that when we are reading our DMP’s we are making it FUN!

Look at kids, they are in alignment with life – and they always want to play and have fun.  Then adults teach them ‘that’s not right, that’s not how life works” and suck all the fun out of life.  What if kids are right? What if that is how life works?  As Abraham Hicks says “Life is supposed to be Fun! It’s a game of alignment!”  Our Source, our inner being, wants us to have everything we desire.  Aligning yourself with your dreams is supposed to be a joy.  You decide what you want, and then you line up with it.  The older we get, the more fun we’re supposed to have.  What we experience is supposed to give us dreams. Then we’re supposed to line up with those dreams. Then we’re supposed to have bigger dreams and line up with those.

Think about who makes tons of money in the US – sports stars, move stars, singers (and their pets: did you see that Taylor Swift’s cat is worth $97 million dollars!) These are people having ‘fun’ for a living; you play games for a living; you play pretend for a living; you sing for a living; (you’re a cat for a living)!

When we “feel bad” that’s just supposed to be our indicator that we’re out of alignment with our desires.  Just like the compass we wear for MKMMA! (I actually have it on my key ring so every time I reach for my keys or am driving it’s a reminder to follow my heart.)  Our feelings are how we speak to the universe – they are the vibrations we send out that the universe matches up with. (When you have fun you’re speaking the language of the angels.  They love having fun!)  This is what the Master Key System is all about!

When we create, we are creating for everyone.  Imagine if Karl Benz didn’t dream of a powered automobile.  Imagine if Alexander Graham Bell didn’t dream of the telephone.  Imagine if Ug didn’t dream of moving out the cave!  Where would we be? Could you image what we could have as a global economy if we all manifested everything we dreamed of?  There would be no more wars, nor more conflicts, no more starving.   Our dreams are our gifts and they are our gifts to the world.  We need to dream and dream big to make a difference.

So, my new focus:

  • I wonder how much fun I can have!
  • I wonder how fun it’s going to be to line up with my dreams!
  • How fun will it be to make all our dreams come true!
  • How much fun is it getting to know myself?
  • How much fun will Hawaii be?

Then of course, we have to bring it to the present and make it current. Now is all we have and “subby don’t know squa-doushe about time or size”.  Do it now! Do it now!

  • How much fun I am having now!
  • How fun it is changing the world!
  • How fun it is being my whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, happy, and harmonious self!
  • How fun it is being a co-creator with the universe!

How fun is this game!

“It’s a game! A game of alignment!”  Here’s a cool Abraham-Hicks speech set to music by SasM!X:

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