MKMMA Week 2 – A little Resistance – Maybe…

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Who do you think you are asking me to share my dreams, hopes, and goals?

Excuse me?!  Those are private matters.  What you’re asking me to do is to ‘air my dirty laundry’ or divulge 'the skeletons in my closet'!  How dare you expect me to share my most cherished dreams, hopes and goals?

I keep my precious dreams, hopes, and goals locked tightly away – buried deep inside; hidden from prying eyes and invasive inquisitors.  Those are my most treasured secrets that I only bring out once in a while, late at night, when I’m all alone, and in the dark.

And now you’re asking me to take them out and put them on display for everyone to see where I can’t guard and protect them!

Oh NO!  Nuh-uh!  That’s going too far!

They’re my dear sweet little dreams, hopes, and goals – and nobody needs to see them!

What if people laugh at them?  What if people taunt and berate them?  What if people think I’m not good enough to have them?  And what if, God forbid, someone tries to steal them from me?  What you’re asking me to do is like putting my heart on display for others to judge and ridicule.

Nope!  Not gonna do it!

Oh, but what you’re saying is- if I let my dreams, hopes, and goals out to play more, they’ll grow bigger and stronger and perhaps become real.

  • But then how will I protect them?

Oh, so you’re saying that- if I get clear about my dreams, hopes, and goals and focus on them they’ll become exactly as I want them to be.

  • But what if people laugh at them?

Oh, so you’re saying that- if I develop them properly they’ll flourish and may actually help others who need them.

  • But what if people say I’m not good enough for them?

Oh, so you’re saying that- if I am developing myself and becoming all that I am, people will see me as an inspiration to perhaps let their dreams, hopes, and goals out into the world.

  • But what if I let them out and I don’t reach them? Doesn’t the old saying go “aim so low that no one will notice if you miss your target”?

Oh, so you’re saying that- arguing for my limitations is what’s keeping me limited.  And I’m not really protecting them, but I’m suppressing and stifling them.  And if I were to let them out into the universe they would thrive and I would thrive and I would be living my dreams, answering my hopes, and reaching my goals.

Well, then….I guess you just think you have all the answers.

OK…(deep breathe) what if I..(gasp)…I guess I could…(long exhale)…here it goes………

My sweet darling dreams, all my wonderful hopes, and you, my most courageous of goals – I release you into the world to spread your wings and fly!   Your mommy loves you and I will be right here preparing myself and getting myself ready for your return.  I will keep practicing and keep growing so that I will be equipped for you.  And I promise when the timing is right, we’ll meet up again and we will relish that glorious day.  And I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES!

(PS - Thank you MKMMA for giving me the strength to let go)

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