MKMMA Week 4 – Starting to Build Momentum

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I am starting to understand the law of attraction and momentum with our readings and service cards all working together towards getting us to where we want to be.

Momentum is the Law of Attraction, and the momentum I have been flowing with is not where I want to go.  Plus, it’s not just my own momentum that I have to correct. It’s my parents’, my whole family, and my whole societies’ momentum.

“When it rains, it pours.”

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

“Be careful what you wish for.”

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” (But isn’t money made from paper, and paper is made from trees?)

I can see we’ve all been given some bad directions.

Like trying to stop a freight train, it’s quite a process to change directions. But if you just do a little course correction here, and a little service card there, you start heading yourself in the direction of your goals.

I understand the 3 reads.  First thing in the morning – set tone for the day: “Today I am a new man with a new life!”   Then midday – you need that midday booster; lunch is over and you’re back at work and you still have the majority of the day left.  You need to re-read to pump yourself up before you crash at the 3 o’clock slump.  Your coffee has worn off, you’re full from lunch, and you just want to curl up to take a nap.  I call it the “Chocolate Hour”.  You need that chocolate fix to get you through.  But now it’s the momentum of your readings that is there to lift you – “Today I am a new man with a new life!”  And then last thing before you go to bed you read it again, out loud and shout it to the heavens  - TODAY I AM A NEW MAN WITH A NEW LIFE AND MY DMP IS THE NEW LIFE I HAVE!”  Then the momentum carries over to the next morning – “and I wake with a vitality I have never known before.”

I can see how momentum can change your life.  Start with a small snowball (an idea) and roll it down from the top of a mountain, and see how big it gets and how fast it rolls.  What once fit in your hand is now as big (or bigger) then a car! But what I have to make sure of is where am I? Am I still stuck at the top watching my idea roll and get carried away from me or am I growing and changing, going with the flow, and keeping up becoming the person with the big ideas?

So what I’m doing is reaching for that higher vibration (better, happier feelings) growing with my ideas and learning to maintain them.  The whole point of getting the things we want is because we want to feel good having them – so we have to practice what feeling good feels like to us.

Mark J says read with ENTHUSIASM and I am understanding why – because that’s the vibrational frequency the law of attraction will match.  Read it with complacency over and over and that’s what you’ll match up with.  Read it with love, passion, ENTHUSIASM – and that’s what you’ll get matched up with. We’re just like tuning forks – whatever pitch we put out is what syncs up with us.

So as we are reading our new life – we are literally breathing life into it.  Like starting a fire – a little kindling service card; stoke the embers with Og 3 times a day; and emotionally charging it with our feelings.  What we feel is what we’re going to get (be careful what you wish for – more like be careful HOW you wish).  There is power in our words and more so in our feelings.  I’ve starting putting my readings to music.  Now I’ve got a beat, my body is bouncing to the rhythm, my blood is pumping, and my energy is flowing = (Rocky’s Theme) DaDaDADADADa Da – “I’m a new man nooow! With a new life noooow!”  At lunch I’ll go sit in my car and play a favorite tune. (OK, I’ll admit it – I’m singing Britney Spears at the top of my lungs “Oh BabyBaby today I am a new man. Oh pretty baby today I have a new life-ife-ife!”

All in all, Abraham-Hicks always says “Have fun with this. Life is supposed to be fun.” Sounds to me like the universe is having a major party and I have just RSVP’d – “TODAY I am a new man with a FUN new life!”  (- cue the music)

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