MKMMA Week 6 - Look what I found!

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I had always hoped I would find my confidence when I lost weight, or got the perfect job, or started my dream business. But because I didn’t have the confidence I couldn’t go after the perfect job, or start my dream business, and I didn’t lose weight. I felt trapped in a vicious cycle and couldn’t do to do anything but hide.

It has just occurred to me that confidence comes from within and I have been looking for my confidence in all the wrong places.  I’ve been trying to find it outside myself through a job or business or looking the right weight.  I was trying to find it where I didn’t have it.

But I can find my confidence within myself; from being a loving wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. I can find it in being a happy and joyful person. I can find my confidence in sharing my smile, my support, and my encouragement with everyone I encounter.

I can find my confidence in knowing that my body can become whatever I focus my feelings on.  I can find my confidence in knowing that I’m on the right path of fulfilling my dharma and living my dreams.

I can find my confidence in knowing that I am growing, learning, and practicing to be my best today and knowing that every day my best will get better.

I can find my confidence in knowing that confidence begets confidence, and as I focus on the confidence I have within, it will spread to all the other areas of my life.

I didn’t lack confidence; I just misplaced it!

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