MKMMA Week 7 – Ready to Share my Dream

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With a deep breath, I’m ready to set my dream free;

Letting it shine, for all the world to see.

Your majestic beauty and grace, I’m ready to let it be;

May you bring as much joy to them, as you do to me.

Entering through giant ornate wrought iron and glass double doors, you feel instantly transported to a secret sanctuary enveloped by tranquility and luxury.  A peaceful relief fills your heart while the cares of your day drift away.  You revel in the grace and elegance of natural crystals adorning the reception hall as genuinely gleeful staff welcomes you.  Smooth bamboo cradles underfoot and the high open atrium lets your spirit soar. Sweet water features soothe your ears, joining in the soft orchestra of discreet murmurs of euphoric patrons meandering from the candlelight yoga class to the mediation room embellished with long billowy curtains and big fluffy pillows, comfortable like clouds lifting you to enlightenment.  Delectable aromas come wafting in from the organic café, where some find their Zen curled up with a delicious coffee soaking in reflection from the latest self-development hardback from our bookstore.

My dream is to provide a comfortable, safe, and serene haven you can escape to everyday to workout your mind, body, and spirit as a whole to tune in within yourself to lift your vibrations to align with your highest and best self for optimum health, abundance of wealth, and true happiness.

My holistic resorts will be for those who are interested in self-development and our own powers of self-healing and vibrational health.  A beautiful daily destination created as a place you can come to learn and practice holistic healing techniques to align yourself with your highest and best self for optimum health and wellness.

It’s not a spa, but it will look and feel like one, so you feel calm and relaxed.  It’s not a gym, but you can exercise and learn about aligning your body with optimum health.

It is a place of elegance and serenity, where you will feel welcome and safe, as you explore the loving universe’s powers and how you are it and it is you.

It’s not a church, but you will connect with your spirit.

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