MKMMA Week 8 – God vs. MKMMA

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During this week’s webinar the last caller on the Q&A was a lady named Dawn.  She was really upset because she felt like she had to choose between her daughter and God or MKMMA.  Many people have had similar conflicts, including me – feeling like we have to choose between ourselves or “them”.

But therein lies the trap we’ve all fallen into time and time again. What that really is- is just the old blue print trying to bully us around!  The old blue print is the vibrational rut that we are trying to break free of by connecting with who we really truly are – children of the universe; connected to all; ONE.

The world we see and experience is a reflection of our Within. Our fears come back to us in the words of loves ones pleading with us to do things their way.  But we all have to find our own way and what’s right for us.  How do you know who you are if there aren’t others to compare yourself to?  How do you know what you like if you don’t know what you don’t like?  How do you know how far you have come if you don’t know where your started?  How do you know happiness and joy if you don’t know sadness and fear? You discover life in the contrast.

It’s not this or that; it has to be both.  It’s not my religion or MKMMA; it’s both. It’s not my family or my job; it has to be both. We have to find a way to incorporate everything and everyone that is important to us.  And that’s the work – finding out what’s truly import to us, then focusing all our love and attention on only what’s important.  We can have it all – we just need to know what all we want.

We need to focus our time on only the important things (i.e. cutting out TV, cutting out negative thoughts) and use our time to create our life the way we want it to be - living our DMP’s, fulfilling our PPN’s, finding our joy, following our bliss!  Living our lives to their fullest is beneficial for all, because this is a vibrational universe and when we emit happy positive vibrations that benefits all there is because we are all ONE.

Dawn, I hope during your sits you are visualizing you and your daughter laughing and hugging as you explain how happy and fulfilled you’ve become as you discovered what’s important in your life. I hope you are hearing her say how proud she is of you and how much of an inspiration you are! I hope you are feeling the mutual love and respect flow back and forth between the two of you.  I hope you can witness your self and see how happy you are now that you’ve become connected to your Source and your highest self.  We get to create our future the way we want it.  Practice how wonderful that time will feel between you and her.  When we allow our best selves to shine through we bring out the best in those we are around.

Keep up the great work Dawn!  You and I need to remember we are not alone, and when we follow our hearts only the best can come from it.  We can’t let fear bully us around anymore and inhibit us from living our lives.  I know I’ve been living in fear for far too long. I discovered in Week 6 we have to find our strength and confidence wherever we can from within. Our life spark is who we are and why we are here.  That is our gift and our challenge.  To believe in yourself is to believe in the impossible. To make a difference is to go against the grain.

So we need to cut the cord from fear and focus on what’s important = improving our lives to benefit our world!

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