A Poem: The Break-Up

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The Break-Up (with Fast Food) 

In the beginning, It was just for fun.  You know, a taste of the wild side.  I knew It wasn’t the best for me, but I saw It for what It was: quick; easy; convenient.  I didn’t think I’d actually develop a hunger for It. But It hooked me. There It was on every corner, tempting me; teasing me.  It knew what I craved and It could served it up fast.  I couldn’t help myself; I had an appetite for of the convenience of It.

Then, I started relying on It too much. It started affecting other parts of my life. It left me weak; depressed; depleted. I didn’t have the energy like I did before. All I felt like doing was zoning out with It. It wasn’t giving me the sustenance I needed.  It wasn’t good for me, but It was so easy.  I made excuses for It like: I still desired It; I still needed It. But really, It just wasn’t fulfilling my needs. I knew I had to make a fresh start.  I deserved better.  I deserved to be nourished. I deserved to feel replenished and satisfied.

“You’ll be back,” It sneered.  I thought about that for a minute, and you know what, I might be.  There may be rare occasions I feel like slumming it in the grease pits; but on those occasions I’ll keep myself in check.  I won’t let It consume me again.

“You’ll be sorry,” It mocked. Without hesitation I said "no way." I knew there was better out there for me. With a little extra effort, I could have more satisfaction and more variety. I would be stronger, my support systems would be healthier and I could feel proud of myself.

“Take care of yourself kid,” It quipped. 

And that is precisely what I am doing!


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