Come Celebrate "Mabon" out at the Magical Lot

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"This autumn equinox, also known as Mabon, is a celebration of harvesting vineyards and wine. It is also associated with the Apple Harvest, as apples are viewed as symbols of life renewed. It was also considered by the Druids as a time to honor aging deities and the spirit world. They would give offerings of drinks to the trees as a way to honor the God of the Forest. My friends, we join today, as a way to honor All that Is and all who are here in this time space. Today we also reflect on the fruits of our personal harvest, such as accomplishment in our jobs, our families, and just dealing with everyday stresses and strains. Let us raise our glass and give thanks and feel gratitude.”

Celebrate Mabon out at the Magical Lot -

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Autumn fairy_ by Anne Stokes

Photo: Autumn fairy by Anne Stokes
Beloved Book Fairy Godmother Mabon Magic

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