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It feels good to be able to wake up every morning refreshed and enlivened, ready to bask in the deliciousness of the new day.  Enjoying a deep morning stretch and feeling my lean supple muscles all dance delightfully, then savoring a scrumptious breakfast of my favorite eggs and cheese on a toasted buttery English muffin, simple, yet decadent, along with my organic roasted red-mushroom coffee and flavored creamer, today is toasted coconut.  I sip the delicate flavors as I stare out my window from my Zen home office, and thank of the day for arriving.  I thank the sun for smiling down on us.  I thank the air for tasting so sweet.  It’s a cool winter’s day and the slumbering tree branches are bare as they rest up during the cold season, but that doesn’t stop a couple jovial squirrels from playing a game of tag on the tree limbs. The cheerful little birds chirp their charming song and the loose leaves dance on the wafting breeze.  Appreciation of the earth is my job as its faithful companion.  I embrace the love that is being directed at me and I reciprocated right back out into the ethers.  I move with the ebb and the flow.  I ride the high and the low tides.  

We are the “Research and Development” team on planet Earth.  We are here to discover new ideas and feel them out.  Sometimes they are great ideas and sometimes maybe not so much, but the value of a new idea is never lost and it’s an integral part of our evolution. It is our job on the physical plane to always reach for the best feeling we can in every situation, to evaluate and discern from the contrasts, and feel for the highest and best solution that we are able to.

So, just take it one day at a time.  Relish in the laughter and learn from the pain.  Always dream is big as we can, and listen to the smallest of nudges that will guide us to wherever we choose to go.  We are so loved by our universe.  We are never alone.  We have each other.  We are all part of the One.

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