CYLV - What does having $50,000 in 15 weeks mean to me?

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What does having $50,000 in 15 weeks mean to me?

It means relief.

It means Joe works as he wants to.  It means he can work on building his company and help me with my company.  It means he is relaxed and we feel financially secure.  We have peace of mind, and time and money.  We can go on a vacation and travel the world as planned.  We have so much fun and delight in being more in-love every day with each other and with the world.  We play with deepening our connection and syncing our energies.  We feel so good and alive, open and flexible.  We feel happy and joyous.  We love what we do.  We love our life. We are having so much fun.  We laugh all the time.  Our passion for each other is rapturous. We feel frisky and giddy. We can’t help smiling and at each other and everything feels like an inside joke between us. We are constantly laughing at the sweet synchronistic humor of it all. We know that everything is always working out in the highest and best ways for us all.  We are open vessels to allow creativity to flow to us and through us.  We love basking in the deliciousness of this planet and in our love. Our life is full of love, magic and miracles and so much passion.

How fun is that!

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