I released my fear of change - and received $200 bucks!

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So, here's the whole story.

I have been doing a 30-day "Limitless" experience on myself. 
On Day 11 I wanted to do some clearing on the "fear of change." And originally, I'm like, "I don't have any fears of change. I love change. I'm all about change." 
Well, I get out my journal, I'm ready to go, aaaaannnnnnndddd "Oh, I think need to get some water. Oh, this is interesting, an article about nothing. Oh, and look at how dirty my desk is, I think I better reorganize my entire office." 
Basically completely stalling - right?  Thursday comes and goes, then Friday, then the weekend, finally it's Monday night and I'm like, "Ok, Dr. Avoid-o, let's just clear this!"
I spent about 90 minutes on releasing my fears of change. 
So, afterward, it's bedtime. I'm feeling relaxed. I'm feeling proud of myself for releasing some limiting beliefs. And I'm thinking how fun it would be to manifest hundred dollar bills. That's kinda specific, but still general enough, right. I go to sleep. All is well.
I had been trying to market/promote a local workshop for 3 weeks with no responses or activity up to this point. So Monday I went to a FB group that's supposed to be all about women entrepreneurs helping each other. I write up a post, where I feel like I've put my heart on my sleeve, asking for help, guidance, suggestions, and comments. It's a 6-point question with a poll. I'm feeling vulnerable yet hopeful.
Tuesday morning, I wake up feeling great, alive, excited. I eagerly log into FB to see all the wonderful, helpful advice that my sisters have shared with me. Aaaannnnnnddd - nothing.  Apparently, the admins never even approve it and just deleted it.
My feelings were completely hurt! I literally broke down in tears. 
After I cried it out and did a meditation to composed myself, I could asses the situation.  Clearly, there was more going on than just my post not getting posted. 
What did I really want? What's my real desire? 
What I really want is to be an author and online coach so I can work with my husband, and access and inspire as many people as I can.  So I jump on YouTube and the first thing I see is how someone made a million dollars in one month as an online coach!  
I felt totally inspired and back in alignment.
The next thing I know, my husband walks in and hands me 2 hundred dollar bills!! 
It was less than 12 hours ago I had said: "it would be cool to manifest hundred dollar bills."  
We had helped out our neighbor that morning, and as a 'Thank You' he gave us 2 hundred bucks - in hundred dollar bills!  
Sweet Synchronicity!!
So, really, it's all about getting clear about what you want and getting into the flow. Releasing limiting beliefs. And paying attention to your emotions to guide you through to the next level.  
How fun is that!
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