"If Nicole Scherzinger isn't good enough - then what chance do I have?"

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"If Nicole Scherzinger isn't good enough - then what chance do I have? I might as well give up now."
Last week I read an article about the Pussycat Doll musician, and this thought is what popped into my head Saturday as I was getting ready to go to my uncle's backyard birthday bbq.
I started having some anxiety and was getting a little freaked out. I did some relaxing techniques, some meditations, and affirmations, trying to calm myself.
But it wasn't until I was about to have a full-blown melt-down while in the shower that I realized what was happening:
A limiting belief and trapped root emotion were bubbling up to the surface ready to be released!
That's when the words came out of my mouth: "I'll never be good enough, I might as well kill myself now."
"WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! That's a bit extreme, don' t cha think?" I responded.

AND that's when it hit me - Aha! This is a trapped root emotion trying to get out.

So, now I knew what I was dealing with. I did some meridian tapping on deleting my limiting belief and that got the anxiety to go away. Then I was able to focus on the energy work to find out where the root emotion came from.
Turns out the trapped root emotion was 'self-abuse' and I inherited it from my father's mother's mother's mother's mother!!
I was able to pinpoint it, delete, un-create, and transmute that bad-boy out of my energetic field and went on to have a wonderfully good time celebrating my uncle's big day.

It's not always easy when we have a limiting belief and/or trapped root emotion that need to be released.

It can feel like anxiety, anger, depression - it can be a little scary or a lot scary!

But if you can realize the emotion that you're feeling probably isn't yours and trace it back to where it came from, then you can give relief to everyone involved. (In my case it had been passed down 6 generations!)

As a Spiritual Prosperity Coach, I help women tune into their own powers of self-healing to align with their highest and best selves. Please contact me if you think you have a limiting belief or trapped root emotion needing to be eliminated from your energetic body.
Right now my group is working on changing their energies to being more positively reinforced and loving themselves now!  Because it doesn't matter what you look like, if you don't love yourself as you are, you'll never be at a place where you feel good enough.
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