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I was lying here thinking about my goal of making a hundred thousand dollars in the next 15 weeks with my “Creating Your Life Vibrationally” (CYLV) course and these words came to me, “Of Course.”

Of course- I want $100,000 in 15 weeks

Of course- I want my husband to work with me on my enterprises

Of course- I want my holistic resorts

Of course- I want to host my women’s wellness weekends

Of course- I want to be a New York Times best-selling author

Of course- I want a beautiful home that we love

Of course- I want a life full of love, magic and miracles

After I said “Of course,” I felt the floodgates open.  I could see my dissertation/10 week course as a book, not just a book but my next book.  (I can do that and “Engagement.”  It’s only $2500 bucks per book.  And now I know the process, it’s totally quick and easy.  Plus, Hay House is advertising self-publishing, so I may be able to go straight to them.  But either way, I’m keeping the rights.)

I saw myself teaching the nine steps at my women’s wellness weekends.  I saw developing those nine steps into my speeches.  I saw Ms. Lane describing those nine steps in “Engagement.”

Those nine steps are my passion, my course, my niche.  I’ve already written them!  I’ve already done it.  Now I just built on it.

That’s what’s so cool about taking my “CYLV.”  Even I’m discovering new things about myself every time I take it. And I’m reminded how accurate and how in alignment my nine steps are.

I love it!

I did it!

Of course I did!

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