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A couple of weeks ago, I really let someone get to me.  I let them get under my skin and I really let myself get out of alignment.  (Alignment is when we are in tuned with our whole selves, at our highest level of awareness, and understanding of our emotions.) At first I tried to shake it off, but then they repeated their ‘attack’ and I became livid.  Of course, in the end, it was all a simple misunderstanding.  But for 5 days I was simmering in my anger and missed out on so many things.

It started on a Thursday, when a comment was made. It was the second comment of its kind within a couple of weeks. The first comment I took as an irritant, but managed to side step it a little bit. But this second comment hit me right between the eyes and really knocked me back. That night I was pretty upset and my anger even rolled over into the next day. A third comment was made, and I literally had to hold myself back.  I had lunch with friends but instead of enjoying the opportunity to hang out with a couple of fun people, I was tight and rigid stewing in my resentment.

That Friday night, I went to my brother’s house.  My 3 year-old nephew wouldn’t let me out of his site.  The little ones are usually in alignment (we all know when they get out of alignment), and that night he wanted to play with me. Even in my bitterness, I couldn’t refuse that sweet little face, so we spent the evening building a fort, stocking it with all the necessities – a couple of light sabers, as many Hot Wheels as we could hold, blankets, lunchboxes, etc.  We ‘went fishing’ and ‘cleaned our catch.’  His older brother was there playing video games and we all laughed and played while the ‘grown-ups’ were downstairs. 

It felt really good to let go for a while.  I thought I had kicked my grumpy-ness but when I woke up Saturday I was still ‘blah.’  I had wanted to decorate my house for Christmas, but felt uninspired and cranky.  I went to one of my favorites stores hoping to find inspiration, but was highly disappointed.  I got out all my decorations and started bleakly at them – I ended up watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Frozen” and I totally related to the Grinch and the Snow Queen.

I couldn’t shake this feeling of betrayal and disappointment.  I tried to analyze my feelings – how could that person affect me so deeply.  I just couldn’t understand why they would attack me.  What did I do?

Sunday I still was in a funk.  My husband and I relish our weekends.  Our weekends are sacred to us.  It’s our time to be together, relax, unwind, and just be.  But because I couldn’t ‘let it go,’ I had wasted our precious weekend.

Finally on Monday, I had a ‘listen with myself.’  Sort of like a ‘talk with yourself’ but instead of letting your mind chatter away, you go deeper within yourself and listen to what your heart has to say. I had to understand what I was really feeling because it didn’t make sense that that person could upset me so much.  Why had I given away my power to them?  I realized that it went beyond that one person and I was combining what they said to something and someone else.

Then Monday night, my husband asked me for help with one of his projects.  While totally investing all of my energies in helping him, and after understanding what the underlying issue really was – all the anger in me just dissipated away. 

Tuesday morning I woke up fresh and replenished.  It was then, with a clear head that I could ‘see’ all that I experienced during those 5 days.

  1. 1. Missing out on fun with friends during lunch.
  2. 2. My little nephew reaching for me from alignment trying to pull me in.
  3. 3. Looking for inspiration outside of myself.
  4. 4. Pinching myself off from my beloved husband and our cherished weekend.
  5. 5. Listening to myself to see what I was really feeling, instead of analyzing myself.
  6. 6. Tuning myself into helping someone else.


It was also on Tuesday that I found out the cause for the original comments made and I immediately understood the confusion and misunderstanding.

Creating our life vibrationally doesn’t mean that we won’t have ups and downs - it means learning to listen to ourselves and learning to understand ourselves so we get back into alignment faster so we don’t miss out on the joys life offers.


Let me know how you brought yourself back into alignment.

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