So, yah – I manifested $50,000!

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So, yah – I manifested $50,000 FIVE- OH. Fifty Thousand dollars in twelve weeks!


On November 1st I set the goal of receiving $50,000 by Valentine’s Day (2018).  Well, it’s only February 5th, but last week I took some inspired action and here’s how it happened for me:

In October I wrote down what having $50 grand would feel like to me.  I wrote it out in a story form – you can read that blog here.

I made lists of appreciation of what I would spend the money on, and how it would feeeeel to pay off all my credit cards, to invest in my business, to be able to buy my husband’s company, and take a vacation.  I spent a lot of time mentally feeling good about my $50,000 and what it would mean to me.

On December 22, 2017, an opportunity came across my desk. I took a huge leap of faith and invested a lot of money (money we didn’t really have) in a course for my own business – and more importantly – in MYSELF. I knew if I stopped to “think” about it, I would talk myself out of it.  There was “no way” I could afford it. But I also felt that I couldn’t afford NOT to do it. I had to. I needed to. In a split second decision (and with some great salesmanship on the vendor’s side – to be sure!) I purchased an $8000 course with “no way” of knowing how I would pay for it.  The vendor suggested to try to get PayPal credit and it worked, they gave me $4200 interest free for six months. (Boom- half the course paid for!)

I learned so much about myself in the first two weeks of the course and continue to do so. It’s amazing! But thirty days went by quick and the second half of the payment was due January 22nd. I had to ask if I could break that payment into 2 payments and luckily they agreed with no penalty. I had the break the payment down because I didn’t have enough credit available on my maxed out credit cards!

But hubby and I had one credit card we were saving so we could buy his company, and I had to break down and use it. Ironically, the card didn’t work! (There is no irony, only the sweet synchronicity of universal timing.)  It was good that it didn’t work because we ended up needing it to buy the company.  This had been in the works for months and it finally happened in the same week (more sweet synchronicity.)  We did manage to get some things moved around and squeeze enough room onto a card so I was able to make the payment.

Now, because the company needed more credit, it assumed one of our credit cards that had a $3800 balance. So in essence, I’m counting that as another $3800 manifested.  So far that’s $4200 + $3800 = $8000. (That’s the amount for my course right there!)  

Then last week as I was shredding piles of junk mail that inundate our mail box for this loan or that credit card, one letter stood out to me. It was for a personal loan. Well, I sort of just went with it and applied for $20,000 and was approved! I spoke with the agent and explained that I wanted it to pay off high interest rate credit cards, and so through the process that $20 grand completely paid off three of our cards.

Let’s add this up: we have the original $4200 + $3800, and now + $20,000 = $28,000. I also got a business card for $3000 interest free for 18 months = $31,000. And with the credit cards that are paid off,  we have access to $13,500 + $3600 + $1500. Totaling $49,600 received in roughly 36 days after taking a leap of faith and two months of doing the vibrational work of abundance and prosperity.

Now some of you might be thinking, “That’s not manifested money; it is credit lines and personal loans.”

Ok, yes. But, how awesome did it feel when a high interest credit card with a $12,000 balance was paid in full overnight? FRICKEN AMAZING!

How awesome did it feel to invest $8000 in myself and my business? FRICKEN AMAZING!

How awesome did it feel to pay off 3 credit cards with varying payments, in exchange for a personal loan with fixed payments and an exact end date? FRICKEN AMAZING!

To be honest, it felt fricken amazing, but what it really felt like, was SUCH A HUGE RELIEF. Like an enormous load had been lifted and like the fog in my head dissipated, so now I (and hubby, too) feel like I can concentrate and focus on building (our) businesses and not stress over maxed out credit cards.

What I kept “hearing” (telling myself) was to not limit the universe by expecting to win the lottery, or to have Publisher’s Clearing House knock on my door with one of those big novelty checks, or even to randomly find a sack of money abandoned on the sidewalk, but instead keep myself open to the infinite ways the universe can bring me what I need. What I asked for was to pay off my credit cards, to invest in my business, to be able to buy my husband’s company, and take a vacation.  And I feel it DELIVERED!

Because I can tell you, the relief I feel is REAL! 

And some of you might be saying “That’s only $49,600 – you’re short $400.”

Well, we were able to buy hubby a $900 guitar for $700, so there’s a $200 bonus. And I still have a week left until Valentine’s Day.

But I’m not going to split hairs over a couple hundred bucks. What I am going to do is start focusing on my next goal.  How much should I ask for – another $50, maybe $100. Should we go big?

I wonder how much I can allow?


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