What if you made the rules for your happiness?

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What if you could make all your dreams come true?
What if you could really live a life where you had all the love, wealth, optimal health and true happiness you wanted?

What if you made the rules for your happiness?
How would your life look? How would you look? How would you spend your days?

How often do we wish things were better, yet we don’t take the time to describe what “better” means to us?

We create our reality.
We do that by choosing how we want to feel.

It seems difficult at first. But so does everything the first time we try something new.

Remember the first time you rode a bike?
You were probably a bit fearful. You probably lost your balance a few times. You may even have fallen and got hurt. 
But did that stop you? Probably not.
And why?
Was it because you knew you couldn’t fail? Not really.
Was it because you knew you wouldn’t get hurt again? Probably not.

You did it because the fun outweighed the risk. You didn’t let the fear stop you. You tried and tried again until you got it down.

So when it comes to creating your life, how many times have you tried? Have you really sat down and decided who you want to be and how you want your life to feel? And have you consistently practiced being that person and living that way?

We get distracted from being creators when things “come up” and knock us down. We can fall back into victim mode thinking life is happening "to us."

But we need to get back on that bike and realize life is happening FOR US.

We are the beloved children of the universe. We have guardians, guides, friends, helpers, and angels all around us – seen and unseen. We are never alone in our endeavors. We have the power to create worlds within us and universal forces backing us up.

Believing in new things can be scary at first. Trying new ways may feel awkward.

But think of the freedom you felt when you got on that bike, and everything came together.
A whole new world of possibilities opened up to you.

Take some time to ponder these questions:
What if you believed you could succeed at everything you tried?
What if you believed the universe supported your every decision?
Where would your new found freedom take you?
Where would you like to go?
What would you like to experience?


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