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When it comes to Creating Your Life Vibrationally, it’s a good idea to determine your core value as a basis for all your ideas and goals to filter through.  Money and “things” are wonderful as long as they are “the icing on the cake” and not the cake. Decide what really matters to you. What are your deal breakers? Establish these first so you don't get lost along the way.


We’ve all heard the saying “Money can’t buy happiness.” (Of course those of us without money say, “Ok, but let me have some anyway.”) But when we come to understand that we are unlimited beings and there is nothing we cannot be, do, or have, and there really are no limits to all the things we can create, and that we are the ones in control of our life experiences, then we can start really playing with all the universe has to offer and use our emotional guidance system to fine tune to our true heart’s desires.


As human beings we are given emotions as tools to guide us to our true heart’s desire.  Emotions are just energy in motion or vibrations.  Vibrations can be fast, which feels joyful, blissful, happy, and like pure love; or they can be slow, which feels like anger, depression, and fear.  There is only love; not good or bad, not saintly or evil, there is just fast energy which resonates at the speed of the Beloved Grace of the universe, or slow energy that feels stagnant or blocked from the Beloved Grace of the universe.  There is never not love, just a slower vibration of it.  You can’t not be in love’s presence.


You just need to pay attention to the vibrations your emotions are emitting.  If you feel angry, depressed or fear, that just means you are pointed away from your true heart’s desire.  Or vibrationally, it could feel like you swimming upstream, or like you’re struggling.   When you are vibrationally aligned with your true heart’s desire, you will feel joyful and blissful, like you are floating down stream, effortlessly and serene, basking in the Beloved Grace of the universe.


In this universe we are also given the Law of Attraction, in which like attracts like.  So if your emotions are vibrating fast, like love, gratitude, or joyfulness; this universe will match that vibration and will quickly return to you more love. But if your emotions are more sluggish or stagnant, the universe will also match that frequency and will return love to you more slowly which can feel like love is being kept from you.


It is important to remember that we come from pure love and this is a human experience to evolve and know ourselves as love.  We are not being tested, or punished, or abandoned here.  The challenges we face are just steps to be taken along the journey to remembering who we really are. Every contrast is an opportunity for growth and expansion, and not just for you, but for the entire universe.  We are all connected. We are all One.


So, with your core values set – go forth and create!

Follow your bliss. Live your passions.  Create your success!  Because you deserve a life full of love, magic, and miracles! 

~Dr. Keri~

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