Doing "little weekly projects" is So IMPORTANT when you are the Deliberate Creator of Your Life.

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The most important thing to do when creating your life is to practice feeling NOW the vibrations/emotions/frequencies you "think" you will feel when you reach your 'goal.'


The mind loves what is familiar - and will keep us at that level of familiarity out of protection.

So, in order to expand our lives, we must expand what's familiar.


And we do that by practicing the frequencies of what we want.

We only want what we want because we think it'll make us feel better.

The “problem” with that is, as soon as we get what we want, we want other stuff.


But that's how it works! That's called expansion! That's called evolution!

There's nothing wrong with wanting more, better, faster things. If that weren't the case, we could all still be living in caves!


However - it's not the 'stuff' that makes us feel better.

It's us ALLOWING ourselves to feel MORE, which feels 'better.'


One of the fastest ways to do that is by setting 'small' goals and achieving them again and again. When you complete little personal projects/tasks that you set for yourself helps you ALLOW MORE of the GOOD to FLOW to YOU.


One of the main reasons for doing our weekly projects is to get in the habit of feeling the way we want to feel.


How do you feel when you set a goal and achieve it?
How do you feel when you keep a promise to yourself?
How do you feel when you 'finally' organize that crap that's been nagging at you?


By doing "little weekly projects," you get to find out! The universe doesn't recognize size. "It's as easy to create a castle as it is a button," as Abraham-Hicks always say.


So by doing "little weekly projects," you are actually tuning yourself into creating the life of your dreams!


It's the little things that can wear down our energy. Those little "to-do" piles gnaw away at your spirit. So, make the choice - what's important, what's not so important? What can you outsource, what can you delete?



For my first project, I chose to organize the bookcase in my office.  Now, when I walk into my office, instead of grumbling to myself, "I really need to organize those," I feel lighter, happier, and prouder. I love my bookcases!


What can you accomplish when your mind, body, and spirit are all in alignment?




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Can't wait to see and hear how doing "little weekly projects" affects your emotional spirit over the next 30 days!


Have a blissful day!
~Dr. Keri~


Here are my Before and After pics for Week 1.

(Well technically, I do need to do one more thing - but that might be a project all it's own. I need to figure out how to get the wall sticker to actually stick to the wall!) 


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