“If you want to change your life, you have to change how you feel about your life.”

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When you say, you are going to do something for yourself - 
"I'm going to drink more water." "I'm going to exercise more." "I'm going to finally do that thing I've always wanted."

Whatever it is, and then you don't keep that promise to yourself, you are actually programming yourself TO NOT DO the things you say.

You are programming yourself to put yourself last. 
You are programming yourself to neglect yourself.
You are programming yourself to wither and fade.

And then when you want to have something happen in your life, you wonder why it's not happening.


But it's easy to reprogram yourself. 
Start making little promises and keep them.

"Today, I will drink an extra glass of water." and then do it.
"Today, I will walk for 5 minutes." and then do it.

Build the momentum of keeping the promises you make to yourself.

Then when it comes time to "finally doing all the things you've always wanted to do" you have time on your side, the universe at your back, and things will unfold easily and effortlessly for you because that's the program you now have.💗



In order to practice what it feels like to manifest change in my life, I have set small goals for myself to complete over the last 3 weeks.

In Week 1, I released the limiting beliefs and trapped emotions of procrastination.
In Week 2, I cleared the blocks to my creative energy flow.
In Week 3, I took control of time.

Now, in Week 4, I am focusing on keeping the promises I make to myself.


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Have a blissful day!
~Dr. Keri~

Here are my Before and After pics for Week 3.

How to Transform Your Creative PowerHow to Transform Your Creative Power

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