“Life is speaking to you. Are you listening?”

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We can be, do, and have everything we want.
But in order to do that, we have to know what we want. And most importantly - how we want to feel. There is no judgment. There is no being "unworthy" of our desires. It's just fine-tuning ourselves to our dreams and desires.


When you are trying to create the life of your dreams, and things aren’t showing up the way you intended, it could mean you have an old emotional block that is ready to be released.


How do you know?


As you walk through your life, are there piles of paperwork, un-finished To-Do lists, and I’ll-do-that-when-I-have-time projects?  It's the little things that can wear down our energy. 
Those little "to-do’s" can gnaw away at your spirit.


All those things in your life are telling your story.  What are they saying to you?


I wanted to organize my home office.  I don't use this room too much, but it is full of all "my things," my books and my collectibles, it's "my space."

But what ends up happening? We use it as the overflow, junk room.


So, what is my cluttered junk home office telling me? What limiting beliefs is that showing me?

  • My stuff isn't important.
  • My space isn't really significant.
  • I'm not taking the time to keep up with what's important to me.
  • I'm putting myself on the back burner.


I set the intention to work on my space. And so, the universe rallied and opened up an opportunity for me to play in my room and organize it Friday night. I had so much fun and enjoyed the time I spent with "my stuff."


I cleared away my limiting beliefs as I cleared away the clutter.

When we are connected and aligned, we can notice these signs and make the adjustments easily and effortless to create the life of our dreams.

Will it end up being used as a storeroom again? Possibly. 
But, that just means I'll get to play in there again sometime!


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Let me know what projects you are working on and why.
Show me your before’s and after's!


Have a blissful day!
~Dr. Keri~


Here are my Before and After pics for Week 2.

 How to Transform Your Creative PowerHow to Transform Your Creative Power

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