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Dr. Keri


Dr. Keri Miller, Ph.D., Spiritual Prosperity Coach, Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, Esthetician, Author, and Fairy Godmother, is a proponent of the Vibrational Frequencies of our Energy – Vibrational Alignment, Energy Medicine, Law of Growth and Law of Attraction, Applied Emotional Kinesiology, NLP, meridian tapping, is a 3rd level Reiki Master Teacher, and is the creator of the course: “Creating Your Life Vibrationally.”

Dr. Keri is also certified in: Akashic Records, Galactic Healing levels 1-3, Pythagorean Healing levels 1-3, and ECEEH.

 I love to encourage women to live their most effervescent lives and celebrate themselves.  I work with women who are ready to make their happiness a priority. Through loving guidance, support, and an expert perspective, I empower You to be the change in the world You want to be.

 I believe we are vibrational beings with the power to grow and evolve.  I believe in self-development and vibrational therapies.  I know there are more people like me looking for a place where they can come to learn, heal, and develop their higher selves, minds, bodies, and spirits, I hope to offer that here for everyone.


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