Elite Mentorship Program

Dr. Keri's Elite Mentorship Program
Unlock the Magic in your life when you connect with your whole self, take control of your vibrational energy, embrace your powers of self-healing, and align with your highest and best self for Optimum Health, an Abundance of Wealth, and True Happiness.
Hello beautiful creator,
Close your eyes and imagine the life of your dreams - 
You feel vivacious, creative, alive, and completely connected to the universe. You are following your bliss, living your passions, and creating your most abundant, glorious success on your terms.
Now picture making this happen during the next 2 months with me and a handful of your beloved creator sisters.
That’s "Creating Your Ideal Reality!" 
This intimate, intensive, Self-Development, elite mentorship, group-program is reserved for (a max of 10-20) "Unicorns," heart-centered women who are ready to live their most effervescent lives, make their happiness a priority and celebrate the joy of being the creator of their lives.
I’ll be your teacher, guide, and "fairy-godmother by your side."
The clearer (that’s a word-LOL) to your most buried of limiting beliefs, and the lighter of the fire under your tush to get you to serve Your true heart's desires and live the life You truly deserve to live!
Through loving guidance, support, an expert perspective, and lots of laughter, 
I will empower You to be the change in the world You want to be.




What do YOU desire right now?

Love? Health? Success? Fulfillment? Motivation? Direction? Money?
Or maybe you just need to feel like you’re surrounded by positive people who care about their happiness and aspire for more?
When was the last time you lit up?
When the world seemed suddenly filled with magic and endless possibilities, and you knew you the universe had your back?
  • Do you wake up every morning excited to live your passion?
  • Do you feel the freedom of an abundant life?
  • Are you living a life you love?
Isn’t it time you allowed yourself to listen to your true heart's
desires and live a life you truly love? 
Are you ready to step into the fullness of who you truly are and
take control of your words, thoughts, and beliefs? 
Are you ready to BE, DO, & HAVE everything you’ve ever
dreamed and fantasized about?!
Are you finally ready to shift your energy, plan your strategy,
and achieve the life of your dreams?



 We are unlimited spiritual beings! We all deserve to feel special, loved, inspired, fulfilled, safe, confident, joyful, and sure. These are the vibrational frequencies of our natural state of being. Whenever you are not feeling these higher emotions, you are “out of alignment” with who you really are and all that you are meant to be. Each one of us has a purpose in life, a reason for being here.  When we are “in alignment” with our whole selves, we are better able to fulfill our purpose. 


  It’s time for you to unleash and embrace your power. 

Whatever it is that YOU need right now, at this moment, to live a long and happy life, “Creating Your Ideal Reality” elite mentorship guided group program has exactly what you need. 

"How?" you ask. This course was designed to provide you with life-long lessons. The tools and abilities that are going to stick with you and always be there for you to utilize to break through your limiting beliefs, shed your fears, and create a wildly successful life!

Are you a creative dreamer with big ideas but don’t know how to get out of your own way?

How long have you wanted to learn life-changing strategies to help you change your life but you didn’t know where to start?
How much longer will it take you to move your life from of mundane into something truly uplifting and magical?
Stop the Self-sabotage. Get out of your own way.


You have big dreams, goals, and desires.
  • Freedom – To feel financially, spiritually, and virtually free.
  • Fulfillment – You know in your heart of hearts that you’re meant for something more.
  • Passion – To love and be loved.
  • Health - To look and feel your absolute radiant best.
  • Clarity – To know who you are and how to create your best life.
  • Security – To feel like the world is a safe place.
And HAVE an overall sense of-
  • Spiritual Prosperity - Optimum Health, an Abundance of Wealth, and True Happiness.

The problem is:

  • At this point in your life you just feel frustrated and distraught—all your life you’ve been trying so hard but can never seem to get to that next level.
  • You’re distressed and pressured—you always feel like you are behind, never able to catch up to where you feel you’re supposed to be.
  • You’re starting to feel desperate and in despair— you fear that you are running out of time and are losing hope that your dreams are going to go unfulfilled.
  • You're confused with why you feel the way you do. 
  • You feel like you're not doing enough even though you’ve committed blood, sweat, and tears that have led you to this very moment, you're right there on the verge of a major breakthrough….but then nothing happens.
  • You're confused with why you continue to work so damn hard, yet see zero results.  You end up feeling like you're not worthy or deserving of success because you're spinning in circles literally on the edge of burnout from working so much.
  •  You end up putting everyone else’s needs in front of your own, leaving yourself drained and depleted, with no energy left to pursue your own dreams.
  • You feel like you're not worthy of the love, the career, the success, the money, or the lifestyle you've ALWAYS dreamed of.
  • You feel so alone and desolate—you feel like there is no one who understands what you are going through and you feel “un-heard.”


You don't have to be held back by fear, anxiety, or loneliness anymore.
 You must work at bringing back your own power – harnessing your strong and potent will, which has, until this time, been neglected and underestimated.  I wish that more of you could see the magic that unfolds when you believe in yourself and let go of the fear that holds you down. It’s time to fill yourself up with strength and conviction. You will never truly understand what magic you are capable of until you fully commit to yourself. And when you do make that decision to really invest in yourself, you will look back, and possibly for the very first time, you will be blown away by YOU.  You are an unlimited being of power and commitment.


Quit hiding girl! 


You are amazing!

You are brilliant!

You are beautiful!

You are the Creator of your life!

Let us see what you can do when you believe in all that you are!

 Are You finally ready to let go of fear right now?

It’s time to feel Empowered, Impassioned, In Control & In-Love with Your Life!


My name is Dr. Keri Miller. I am a Ph.D., Certified Metaphysical Practitioner and Spiritual Prosperity Coach for entrepreneurial women who are ready to tap into their most abundant selves and live a life full of love, magic, and miracles.  I live with my adoring husband of 20+ years of blissful marriage (and still just the beginning of our epic love story)! I believe that we are unlimited vibrational beings with the power to create our lives.  I believe life is what we make it, so let’s make it easy and fun! 







  2016– The year of My Shift:

In April 2016, I completed a 26-week training program and what I realized during it was, for years, my "focus" had always been on “What’s wrong with me?” I switched my thoughts from “What’s wrong with me?” to “I am an unlimited spiritual being.” Then I boldly asked: “I wonder how far I can go?”

Within 3 months after switching my focus, I concluded that intensive training course, I, using my 20 years of research and self-development, wrote my doctoral dissertation on “The Metaphysical and Philosophical Ramifications of Vibrational Alignment,” and by October, I achieved my Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences.  In December of 2016, I was inspired to write a fun, fictional novel about vibrational alignment and creating your life vibrationally, which I fulfilled and published in 2017 and then I quit my corporate job and started 2 businesses.  


It is now my mission is to provide a comfortable, safe, and serene haven to heart-centered women who want to tune-in to themselves, to lift their vibrations, and align with their highest and best selves for Optimum Health, an Abundance of Wealth, and True Happiness.

I want You to know HOW to joyfully create the life you want. 

I want You to KNOW that you can heal your life and have radiant health.

I want you to know that once you REALIZE who you are,

and practice KNOWING all that you are,

you can BE, DO, and HAVE anything you want

because it’s already IN YOU!

I have taken over 20 years of research and personal experiences to create this course. I can teach you the skills you need to follow your true heart’s desires, unlock your full potential, and allow yourself to live your highest and best life, effortlessly. I have designed my courses to help you find, reclaim, embrace, and/or harness your alignment with who you really are so that you sync with the natural flow of life- being, doing, and having everything you deserve, and you will come to understand that your emotions have a direct impact on the world around us.  The better you feel, the better everything is.

“Creating You Ideal Reality” Intensive Self-Development Course and Elite Mentorship Program is so different than anything else out there.  The unique blend of business-mindedness and spiritual essence will help you achieve any goals you want and feel fulfilled in the process.

During our time together we will be working on your spiritual, mental, personal, and financial growth. We will uncover the areas that you need to heal and strengthen to feel more gratified. I will help get you into alignment with the money and success that you desire. I will help get you into alignment with better health. I will teach you about vibrational energy and how to understand and control it in everyday life, not just for manifesting ‘stuff.’ (Although we will be playing with that, too!)



What you will learn:

This is a very beneficial course. It is a very efficient program, and the process is gentle and loving. It will strengthen your relationship with yourself making you more alert and attentive to your physical needs and well-being, better enabling you to be your best self to help those around you.

During our weeks together, you will receive module training videos where I take you step-by-step through the process of “Creating Your Ideal Reality.”  

Each week you are assigned reading materials, meditations, writing exercises, journal topics, and projects all designed to help you figure out what you really want from life, help you get to your root causes and release emotional blocks than may be impeding you, build the momentum of your vibrational alignment to go you going and to follow your dreams!

These are some of the tools that will be covered: Life Coaching, Meridian Tapping, Applied Emotional Kinesiology, Meditations, Unlocking Creativity, Time Management, Goal Setting, Project Management, Manifesting,  Affirmations & Reprogramming, Shadow Work, Anger Management, Natural Medicines, Energy Medicine, Vibrational Healing, NLP, Reiki, Finding Life Purpose/Soul Work, Trauma & Recovery, Akashic Records, Spiritual Well-Being, Creative Writing, Journaling, Polarity Therapy, Coping with Stress through Mindfulness, Core Issues, Transforming Personality.

We will have up to two hours of weekly group manifesting strategy calls and clearing sessions, and a member’s only FB group. 

Over the next weeks and months, you will practice honing your skills, to understand your vibrational frequencies, and to release what no longer serves you, so you can close the vibrational gap between where you are and all that you are meant to be. 

You will gain better control of your life and success through-

  • Understanding your vibrations and emotional energy—“Get out of your own way.”
  • Learning how to raise your emotional frequencies— “Take control of how you feel.”
  • Being guided through releasing your abundance blocks—“Let go of negative energy.”
  • Aligning with the energy of abundance—”Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.”
  • Developing skills to set career and finance goals and achieve (receive) them—“Live your dreams.”
  • Gaining a more prosperous feeling overall—“Feel better in every area of your life.”

And there is more –

You will receive an autographed copy of Dr. Keri’s novel: Beloved Grace ~Awakening~

Upon completion you will be certified in Akashic Records, NLP, Reiki, and hypnosis.

You will be a lifetime member with lifetime access to:

- A private Facebook group for Graduates of “Creative My Life Vibrationally.”

- Dr. Keri’s special events and public appearances.

- New and updated information to keep you always focused on living a life full of love, magic, & miracles.

"Creating Your Ideal Reality" Elite Mentorship Program is currently $9999*. 

(*Price subject to change)

Payment plans and Financing through a 3-party lender are available in certain areas!!


 “Working with Dr. Keri has been such a beautiful experience. She helped me open my heart to endless possibilities. My home and my life just feel so lovely. I have this overall sense of peace and joy that I definitely did not have before.” Nancy Christopher
 “This stuff works! My life is so different since I started working with Dr. Keri.” Natalie Castro 
“I know it’s because of Dr. Keri that I was able to get over my depression and start working towards the business I always wanted.” Erica D. 
“I gained self-confidence and was able to turn my relationship around. Now I feel loved and respected, like I deserve to be.” Jaclyn M.


This program is not for everyone.

  • This program is not for you if you are content with the status-quo.
  • This program is not for you if you want to keep validating your limitations and keep using them as an excuse.
  • This program is not for you if you are looking for a crutch or just something else to blame for your miseries.
  • This program is not for you if you are not ready to take action.

Most people are lost in the mindless rat-race. They are content being over-worked and underpaid. They live their lives like doormats and never accomplish what they truly are meant to.  They succumb to the fear and hide, wasting their lives away.

But that’s not you!

Are you a purpose-driven, heart-centered woman with a business mindset who is ready to own her power and stretch into a new level of personal and professional success?
  • Are you done feeling completely overwhelmed? 
  • Are ready to start living the life you’ve been dreaming of?
  • Are you ready to take yourself to the next level?
  • Are you ready to get unstuck and move forward in your life?
  • Are you ready to find your passion and thrive?
  • Are you ready to see how far you can go?  

Are you ready to take responsibility for your future, to learn exactly how to set yourself up for abundant health, love, and joy, and discover untapped energy that lives within you? Are you ready to manifest your magical, deliciously decadent life and experience total abundance in miraculous ways you’ve never experienced before?

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to break through and break free – to gain clarity and focus, to shatter the old glass ceiling, and to take the spiritual journey to expansion and manifest the life you truly desire?

  • LOVE

I will be your very own fairy-godmother, and tenderly and gently kick your butt into getting your life the way you want it.

BUT it all starts with you!

You have to do the work.

I am looking for that special unicorn who is ready to connect to the universe, find their purpose, believe in magic and miracles, excel in their life, manifest happiness, radiate joy and abundance, and turn their lives around.

I’m searching for the woman who is ready to…


If you’ve answered YES then this opportunity is just for YOU!


So what happens now? 

When you hit the sign up button, you will be directed to fill out an application form and schedule an appointment for a 30-minute session with me to discuss your dreams, goals, and desires.
Choose your time and choose your tools and meet me with all the power you can gather.
Once we both agree that we will make a great team together and get you enrolled than you will be emailed access to your first week’s module so you can get started immediately!
Let’s become magic makers together and live a life that truly lights us up from inside out. 

This is your time to shine!

Follow Your Bliss. Live Your Passion. Create Your Success.
Because you deserve a life full of love, magic, & miracles now!



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