"I aligned myself “vibrationally” with my goals, dreams, and desires." 

My faith of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen was sparked with an emotional fire of motivation, as the realization of my goal began to take the form of a skeletal structure. “Creating my Life Vibrationally”’s easy step by step guide, is like an architect that helped me create a blueprint of what I wanted to achieve, my purposes, and what resources I needed to attain them. It gave me the ability to set difficult long term goals and instilled in me the dogged determination, persistence and perseverance to see them to there successful completion. This easy course gave me the intestinal fortitude and will-power to start, stay with, and finish what I started despite how difficult the task, or how long it took. My purpose and sense of possibility began to forge a strong emotional driving force when I aligned myself “vibrationally” with my goals, dreams, and desires. It created a rich view in my imagination of what my life would be like, having already achieved my purpose, and consistently re-playing that heartfelt imagine in my mind’s eye until it became deeply rooted in my nervous system. My desires became a magnificent obsession of my future which, at that time, did not exist, but now is possible to achieve. I am, and always will be, eternally grateful for the work, effort, time and energy that Dr. Keri Miller has put into her work and in guiding me to a vibrational alignment with my desire.
~M. Perry


"Your course taught me how to attract what I wanted to me!"

Thank you so much for this course Dr. Keri, I feel that it was really life changing for me and exactly what I needed! Things haven’t been the same, in a good way, since!
The course was so eye opening! It made me really focus on the positive and not the negative, which is such a normal tendency for most people. It helped me to call into action what I wanted. I wrote out my goals at the beginning of the course and looking back, ALL of them happened for me! I would say I can’t believe it, but I did, and still do, believe it and I knew it was going to happen for me as soon as I was able to raise my frequency.
Your course taught me how to attract what I wanted to me - whether that was financially, business related, relationships, etc.
I am so glad I took this course and the way it’s changed my life!

~Erica D.~


"Dr. Keri Miller has the ability to free up obstacles in your mind you didn't even know were there." 

Dr. Keri Miller has the ability to free up obstacles in your mind you didn't even know were there. You may be carrying around a family member's sadness or pain in the deepest recess of your body and it clouds everything you do without you even knowing about it.

Through tested and proven methods, Dr. Miller can help you heal traumatic incidents in your childhood, incidents you remember, consciously or even subconsciously, which interfere with your ability to feel the joy in life which is our true nature.

~Nancy C.~