Holistic Health Club Resort and Convention Center

A place you can escape to everyday for your mind, body, and soul’s total well-being.


We offer you a place to come everyday and experience a new way of getting in tuned with your higher and deeper self. 


"Destinations Holistic Health Club Resort" is a daily destination created as a place people can come to learn and practice holistic healing techniques to align themselves with their highest and best selves for optimum health and wellness.  

We offer a peaceful meditation space to help you reach those deep levels of stillness. Our exercise room and classes focus primarily on stretching, opening blocks, flexibility, calmness, and core strength. Our automated treatment rooms include a variety of massages treatments, infrared saunas, colonics, Vichy showers, and other personal treatments that are centered around health, vitality, and wellness. 

Our sumptuous facility also provides a bookstore, gift shop, and organic cafe, along with rental-able classrooms, movie theater, a chef's kitchen, and convention center.

Our target customers are men and women who are more interested in learning, developing, and connecting with complete mind, body, and spirit health. It's designed for those who are interested in self-development and our own powers of self healing and vibrational health. 

You can join a yoga studio, you can go to a spa, you can go to a bookstore, but at "Destinations Holistic Health Club Resort" you’ll be able to have unlimited access to all of these and so much more in one luxuriously tranquil location.


It’s not a spa, but it will look and feel like one, so you feel calm and relaxed. 

It’s not a gym, but you can exercise and learn about aligning your body with optimum heath.

It is a place of elegance and serenity, where you will feel welcome and safe, as you explore the loving universe’s powers and how you are it and it is you. 

It’s not a church, but you will connect with your spirit.






Zen Rooms—

Stocked with traditional meditation cushions, pillows, hammocks, hanging chairs, cubbies, TV’s, and headphones for:

  • Guided Meditations
  • Meditating
  • Astral Projections
  • Quiet Contemplations
  • Visualizations




Yoga Studio—

All our exercise classes are focused on getting in tune with your body’s energy alignment.  By using visualization techniques and EFT tapping, focused breathing, slow, deep, and elongating stretches to open your energy channels for flexibility, fluidity, strength, and poise.

  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Ballet Stretching and toning
  • Breathing
  • Martial Arts/Qi Gong
  • Brain Balancing
  • Fantasy Dance classes



Treatment Rooms—

Enjoy unlimited access to:

  • Aqua massages
  • Hydration stations
  • Infrared saunas
  • Vichy showers
  • Colonic station
  • Mystic Tans
  • Facials
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Chromotherapy
  • Massage chairs
  • Stretching Tables
  • Rife Machine
  • Alternative therapies
  • Soaking tubs
  • Harmonic Egg



Movie Theater—

30 person movie room showcasing “Movies of the “Week” like:

“The Celestine Prophecy”

“Deepak Chopra’s Happiness Prescription”






Book Store—

At our “Beloved Books” bookstore you can curl up in one of our many lounge areas with some of the best books on the market you can purchase for soul searching, self-improvement, holistic health, and many other helpful and wonderful topics.



Enjoy sipping on a nice hot organic cup of coffee or tea and organic nibblies from the Zen Garden Gracious Cafe.



Gift Shop—

In our store, we travel the globe to bring you the highest quality products. 

From organic skin care, our own line of healing vinegars and oils and organic clothing line; we look to provide you with the best products to continue taking care of yourself at home.




We have a classroom and a kitchen available for weekly and private classes.



Convention and Conference Center—

We have a convention and conference center for “Women’s Weekend Wellness” retreats, special guest speakers like tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and other leaders in the self-development and healing industry, and also available for private functions.


 Some locations will have hotel and guest accommodations.


LEED Certified:

Our Holistic Health Club Resorts will be environmentally friendly and respective of human health and nature, and meet LEED Certification standards. 

Our Success Aspects:

Like the successful Planet Beach Spray and SpaTM, where you have “convenient automated services that can help you achieve the results you are seeking,” we too will offer a variety of automated treatments; but ours will include more holistic and vibrational healing therapies like a rife machine, automated colonics, as well as other contempo-spa services.

Like the successful Lifetime Mega Fitness CentersTM, where you have large high-end resort style facilities “dedicated to helping you achieve your total health objectives, athletic aspirations and fitness goals,”  we too will help you achieve your total health objectives; but ours will incorporate holistic techniques for allowing total mind, body, and spirit to align with optimum health and well-being.

Like the ultra luxurious destination spas, we too will have organic surroundings, live plants and trees, and flowing water throughout our facilities; but we will be in cities and towns close to you so you can come everyday.