Beloved Grace~Awakening - AUTOGRAPHED COPY - ONLY HERE!

This is the modern-day fairy tale you've been asking for.

Beloved Grace Awakening is full of excitement, romance, and is utterly charming.

But there's more to this coming-of-age adult fairy tale than meets the eye. This is a delightful read that infuses real spiritual tools and techniques, and brings us the message of mystical awakenings, renewal, and personal growth.

Morgana is on an enchanted journey of self-discovery as she learns about energy medicine and vibrational alignment with the universe. It's a realistic fairy tale with romantic adventure as Morgana discovers what she wants from life and how to open herself up to a life full of love, magic, and miracles.

"There is an awakening happening. People are connecting to their power. We are on the leading edge of evolution, and I want people to know they can be, do, and have anything they want, but really what we are searching for is connection. The connection to the Beloved Grace that unifies us all. We have the power to be happy, healthy, and prosperous. Not just for one- but for all." - Morgana

Beloved Grace Awakening sends a wonderful message about slowing down and learning to enjoy Earth's blessings. The writing is captivating, fun, and helps the reader imagine the book's opulent settings. It is a lovely lyrical tale with many creative elements. This feel-good, beloved, new classic is an enchanting story for anyone who is looking to understand themselves and how to create their own lives vibrationally. This is your chance to open yourself up to a life full of love, magic, and miracles. 

Coming soon: Beloved Grace ~ Engagement